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Scented Shower Bags

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Our aromatic muslin bags are filled with a generous amount of floral herbs mixed with irish moss to create a soft and gelatinous baggy when wet. Wipe your body with the baggy to soothe and scent your skin as you shower. Your favorite aroma will stay with you all day.

When drawing a bath, you can also hang the baggy at the water spout, filling the tub with the soothing scent.  Our shower bags can also be used dry as a sachet in a closet or drawer!

Honeysuckle Shower Bag - Enjoy delightful garden freshness

Chamomile Shower Bag - Enter the fields of pure bliss

Lovely Roses Shower Bag - Warm up with romantic enlightenment

Lavender Dreams - Sweet dreams and restful sleep

Marigold Fields - Soothe the skin with healing powers