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Beauty Teas

Beauty Teas

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Maintain a gorgeous complexion with the help of Beauty Tea. Packed with antioxidants that patrol free radicals in the body and support skin health. Delicious too!

Choose from 2 oz. net weight or half ounce sampler


Soft and palatable green tea with a nutty polish. Herbal ingredients with anti-oxidant qualities. Contains caffeine.

Ingredients: organic dao ren green tea, organic red raspberry leaf, organic hibiscus flower, organic lemon balm leaf


Semi-sweet with a resemblance to honey and roses. Herbal ingredients to help soothe inflammation. Contains caffeine.

Ingredients: red rooibos tea, organic peppermint leaf, organic honeysuckle flower, organic gingko leaf


Succulent tea with a mildly smooth aftertaste. Herbal ingredients to help support aging skin. Contains caffeine.

Ingredients: organic oolong tea, organic chamomile, organic blackberry leaf, organic licorice root

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