Patriot Signs

in2ition mercantile


Our wooden box signs are a reminder of those that protect freedom.

Brave:  "Home of the Free because of the Brave" (4" square)

Soldier:  "Our Flag does not fly because the wind moves it...It flies with the last breath of each Soldier who died protecting it" (6" wide x 10" high)

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in2ition is a lifestyle design company that began with visions of creativity via sustainable and natural means and methods.

Over the years, we have delighted in creating upcycled home products, manufacturing handmade skin care, designing unique apparel and sharing nature and the built environment through photography.

in2ition mercantile has grown to be the source for sustainable and holistic products and services as well as information on health and wellness.

in2ition is for all who wish for a thoughtful experience.



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