Soap Saving 101

Nothings lasts forever but there are ways of prolonging the life of your soap.
When you leave your soap under a stream of water in the shower, this will cause those suds to continue to wash down the drain. Before you know it, you are left with half the bar you started with! We don't want that to happen, especially if the soap is a specialty bar from in2ition mercantile.
February Soap of the Month
So let's save our soap! After each shower, it is best to allow your soap to dry out.
A few ways you can do this is a dish or pad that allows the water to drain. We have bamboo soap dishes with drainage holes to match your decor. We suggest placing the soap on its side to increase air flow.
Bamboo Soap Dish
Or choose the soap lift, made with recycled bioplastic that allows water to drain and air to flow beneath bar soaps. This unique design prevents soap from absorbing excess water.
Soap Lift
Both are made in USA!

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