Match Made in Heaven

Match Made in Heaven

September is National Honey Month!

The end of summer is an especially great time of year to enjoy
the fruits of labor of our bees on Long Island.
They have produced honey and have also finished pollinating
our lovely lavender fields.
Using lavender and honey together could give us
a double whammy of healthy benefits.

Relieving Allergies:
Apitherapists have used honey in the treatment of hay fever and allergies with the thought that giving someone a little bit of the irritant over a period of time enables them to become immune to it.  Honey from a local source is even better as it contains the same traces of pollen of the plants around us. Since lavender naturally relieves tissue congestion, these two paired together could make a great allergy fighter!

For the Skin:
Lavender is renowned for its ability to heal skin irritations, cuts and wounds. Add Honey to the mix and the skin can heal even faster. Pure honey contains an antiseptic substance called inhibine, which prevents any cuts from becoming infected.

A Good Night's Rest:
The sedative properties of lavender make it a wonderful oil to diffuse for those suffering from insomnia.  The herb can also be added to a bath with a tablespoon of honey to create a soporific overall effect on the body.

Delicious AND Beneficial to our Health!

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