Behold the Power of the Mushroom

Behold the Power of the Mushroom

What do mushrooms have to do with Architecture?

Toadstool mushrooms are a beautiful form of shelter for small creatures, with a singular column that supports a massive cantilevered cap, it is quite an impressive structure!

But this fungi is so much more...designers have been harnessing their potential to address sustainable challenges for years...

Fungi has been used to filter bacteria in contaminated water, for biological remediation to improve soil in agricultural industries, and as textile dyes...

A few years ago, designer Danielle Trofe disrupted the lighting industry with her beautiful MushLume lamps...using mushroom mycelium material originally created by Evocative Design, a biomaterials company that is truly changing the world for the better!

This innovative material uses agricultural waste in combo with mycelium to create an organic and compostable plastic that can be used as packaging, textiles, in automotive, surfboards and insulation.

A versatile material that is grown, not manufactured - these are exciting times for architects & designers! Stay tuned for new products at in2ition mercantile using this amazing material.

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